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Benefits of drinking wine: Should I start drinking wine?

Why should you drink wine?

How wine is different from other alcoholic drinks?

What is good in red wine?

What happens to your body when you drink wine every day?

Wine is good for the heart, skin, and mind, We know all these things, but one thing that comes to my mind is, after all, it is also an alcoholic drink. Why is everyone suggesting a glass of wine for health? Is it ok to drink a glass of wine every day? Let us look at all the benefits of drinking wine.

What makes a wine healthy? 

What are the health benefits of drinking wine?

Someone once has said, better have a glass of wine and observe the difference. I always see that people often feel wine is for old people or wine is for ladies. Some even say I am too young to taste wine. Is French paradox the reason?

French people after consuming food rich in high saturated fats are often said to live longer without any complaints of cardiovascular diseases, the reason for their longevity is assumed to be the wine they have every day. Still, the research is going on.

Benefits of drinking wine longevity
Aging with wine

Health benefits of drinking wine

There are many health benefits of drinking wine, the following are some

1.Wine reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s.

2.Wine keeps the brain sharp. Helps in good focus and concentration.

3.Wine helps to fight depression, makes you stress free.

4.Wine lowers the risk of stroke, removes the blood clots.

5.Wine reduces the risk of liver disease.

6.Wine reduces the risk of type2 diabetes.

7.Wine helps in fighting with cancer.

8.Wine helps in lowering bad cholesterol.

9.Wine helps in weight loss.

10.Wine increases longevity.

11.Wine is good for skin.

12.Wine promotes hair growth.

13.Wine helps in treating of common cold.

14.Wine promotes healthy eyes.

15.Wine helps in maintaining healthy gums and fights off cavities.

Benefits of drinking wine

Wine is considered to be the healthiest option of all the alcoholic drinks because of its antioxidants called Polyphenols.

Polyphenols are micronutrients that are highly packed with antioxidants and help our body against various ailments like osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, and diabetes.

Polyphenols can be obtained naturally through foods or by taking supplements. The supplements however may have certain side effects and also obstruct the absorption of iron. Some of the natural foods having high polyphenols are nuts, berries, dark chocolate, plums, cloves, cherries, and some vegetables like beans and spinach.

Polyphenols are found in the skins and seeds of the grapes. This makes the wine healthy.

benefits of red wine
Best Red wine

The count of polyphenol in Red wine is 101mg per 100ml while rose and white wine have 10mg per 100ml. The Polyphenols in red wine are ten times more than white wine.

Sparkling white wine or champagne is observed to have the same amount of polyphenols even though they are made from the grape juice with no contact with the grape skin during the fermentation. 

The reason is the grapes used in the making of champagne. French Champagne wine is made from blending the red grapes Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier with White grape Chardonnay.

Even though there is no skin contact, a high amount of polyphenols are obtained from the grape juice.

Antioxidants are used to neutralize the harmful effects caused by free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to your body cells and they are the result of pollution, UV rays, and other toxins like the smoke from a cigarette.

Polyphenols act as antioxidants. They also are proven beneficial in reducing inflammation.

Let us look at the health benefits of drinking wine in more detail,

1.Polyphenols can prevent Type2 diabetes, as they help in reducing blood sugar levels. they help in controlling the breakdown of starch into simple sugars.

Red Wine when consumed after food helps in regulating blood sugar levels. It stimulates the secretion of insulin and helps in controlling the conversion of starches into sugars causing blood sugar levels to remain stable.

benefits of wine diabetes
Wine Controls blood sugar

Hence a glass of red wine after dinner,

  • Helps in stabilizing the sugar levels
  • Maintains insulin secretion
  • Reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Grapes, berries, and currants are proven to be rich in anthocyanins, one of the forms of polyphenols that are quite effective in preventing diabetes.

Studies have shown that the risk of diabetes has been slowed down by 57percent with the consumption of polyphenol-rich foods.

The polyphenol found in the red wine is Resveratrol.

2.Polyphenols prevent the risk of heart disease.

benefits of wine heart health
Wine is good for heart

Polyphenols are also proven beneficial for maintaining good cardiovascular health. The reason being their efficiency in lowering the LDL bad cholesterol levels. Redwine also lowers high blood pressure.

Polyphenols prevent the blood clots from forming and help in the good circulation of the bloodstream. Platelets are responsible for circulating the blood and when they aggregate together they form clots. Blood clots lead to the blockage of arteries and eventually lead to stroke and other serious effects. Polyphenols dilate the arteries.

Studies have shown that this risk of platelet aggression can be reduced with the help of polyphenols. Redwine calms you, keeping your blood pressure low, makes you stress-free, and helps in maintaining mental health.

benefits of wine on blood pressure
Wine lowers Blood pressure

3.Polyphenols are proven effective in preventing Cancer.

With rich antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects, Polyphenols can inhibit the growth of many cancers like prostate and breast cancers.

4.Polyphenols are good for digestion. Polyphenols help in cleansing your digestive system.

They promote the growth of good bacteria. They are good for your gut health.

5.Polyphenols promote brain function.

They Increase blood flow to the brain making it more attentive and boosts its learning, memory, and concentration. A glass of wine helps you in getting good focus and memory.

Studies have shown the boost-up activities related to the brain have proven successful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

benefits of wine Alzheimer's
Wine helps in preventing Alzheimer’s

What are the benefits of drinking red wine?

The polyphenol found in Red wine is Resveratrol.

Resveratrol is an important compound of polyphenol which is obtained from the plants.

Plants to overcome stress due to infections, fungus attacks, and inflammation produce an antibiotic known as Resveratrol which helps them to fight off these toxins and keeps them healthy.

Resveratrol plays an important role in promoting longevity, maintaining heart-health, and has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

Red wine benefits for skin

Along with all these health benefits, there are also other benefits of having Red wine, which makes the wine consumption from getting limited to middle-aged people,

Red Wine has some benefits for your skin too. A glass of Red wine is equal to your anti-aging serum.

Polyphenols protect plants from the stress of UV rays of the sun.

Polyphenols are not less effective when used externally on the skin. They are proven to the best in providing the needed protection from the harmful environment preventing dryness and sunspots and fighting off the anti-aging signals like fine lines and wrinkles.

Hence most of the expensive anti-aging creams have resveratrol as their primary ingredient.

benefits of red wine for skin
benefits of red wine for skin

Apply Red wine soaked cotton ball on your acne and wash after 15 minutes and see the miracle red wine can do to your skin.

Redwine helps in collagen production helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin, hydration, and helps in fighting the signs of aging. The appearance of skin becomes smooth with a silky finish. Red wine makes your skin glow.

Red wine consumption leads to brighter skin, as the effect of UV rays which directly affects pigment, is neutralized by the action of Resveratrol.

It brightens skin tone naturally with the increased blood circulation and prevention of harmful rays. 

Have a glass of red wine for skin whitening every night and wake up with soft skin with no dryness and look healthy and young.

Even hair gets better with red wine with the increased blood circulation to the scalp. Hair gets healthy and looks shiny and hair damage problems like scalp inflammation get eradicated. Red wine Removes hair loss problems and promotes hair growth.

Also, Red wine has been used in many hair packs. Mix with olive oil, and apply to your hair and see the wonders the red wine can do to your hair.

Which red wine is best for your heart?

A red wine made from grapes with thick skin and which are purple and red is found to have significantly high amounts of resveratrol which is proven to be heart healthy.

Grapes that are grown in cooler regions have thick skin. They have a comparatively higher concentration of polyphenols compared to thin-skinned or white grapes or grapes from the warmer region.

Hence red wine from malbec or muscadine grapes is the best for your heart.

Muscadine grapes
Muscadine grapes

If you are a beginner and are struggling to choose the best wine, do read our post,

Best wine for beginners guide.

Does wine make you fat?

There are a lot of people struggling to lose weight without compromising health, There is always one question left for all these fitness seekers,

Are there any weight loss benefits of drinking wine?

benefits of wine weight loss
Does wine make you fat?

A glass of wine has roughly 90 to 175 calories. If the wine is sweet, the calorie count may be higher. The calorie count is directly associated with the sugar in the wine and the alcohol. Though wine has no fat in it, the add ons we take along with the glass of wine, whether they are a bowl of chips or a plate of steak adds to the fat content.

Also, the metabolism rate eventually drops after the alcohol consumption which leads to the fat storage and makes one gain weight.

The answer is simple,

Cut calories in your side dishes,

Finish off your meal early and have a glass of wine later in the night. Have a healthy high protein supper that limits your cravings over high-fat snacks. A full stomach also limits alcohol absorption into the bloodstream.

Look for the sugars in your wine and choose wine wisely. A glass of Pinot Grigio wins over a glass of Reisling here. Choose Cabernet Sauvignon or Chardonnay based on your color of wine preference.

And drink moderately.

Even though red wine is recommended for reducing belly fat,

Do not add more glasses to add more fats to burn.

Limit your intake and stick to one glass and enjoy the drink.

Benefits of drinking wine before bed

A glass of wine before bed can help you get a good quality sleep. Those who are facing problems in getting a peaceful sleep must try a glass of red wine before bed. Do limit to 5 ounces or one glass of wine. Red wine has antioxidants that make you feel stress-free, keeping you calm and a good night’s sleep is on the way. Red wine maintains your blood sugar levels and helps to lower your blood pressure. It improves your mood and makes you feel relaxed and pleasant.

How much red wine is healthy?

Although Red wine has many health benefits, too much of anything is good for nothing.

There are also side effects associated with red wine, More glasses of wine more calories,

On average for men,5 to 10 ounces of red wine a day is considered healthy and for women, half of the quantity told for men,5 ounces of red wine is considered good.

Consider these facts and try to consume moderately while enjoying the benefits.

What are the benefits of drinking wine every day?

How often should we drink wine? Is it ok to drink wine every day? Should we drink red wine regularly?

These are the most commonly asked questions by everyone.

The health benefits we have discussed earlier are not proven hundred percent.No one should start drinking red wine only to get a good health.

Redwine of course is the healthiest option of all the alcoholic drinks available and is the best choice for all those who enjoy drinking.

There are many healthier options available naturally apart from red wine with all the antioxidants and polyphenols. Do not just drink wine because of health.

eating healthy
Eating healthy

This information is to make all those happy who love wine, making them know the benefits of their consumption. If you are going to start your wine journey and are looking for the perfect cause, this article may comfort you and help you with your choice of wine. As told earlier, be moderate and stay healthy.

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