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5 facts about wine glass that will impress your friends

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The perfect taste of the wine comes with the perfect wine glass. The Wine glass must brilliantly exhibit the look, smell, and taste of the wine poured into it.

wine glass

Are you doing the wine tasting in the right way with the correct wine glass?

Before knowing the variety of wine glasses and their usage, let us know how the tasting of the wine is done for the perfect evaluation of style and flavors.

Don’t hold back your wine glass

Step 1: The wine poured into the wine glass is first evaluated by the eyes. Wine Tasters first observe whether the wine is thick or light by holding the glass in front of the light at an angle, and finally, when they can see the light, the smoothness of the wine is observed.

Steal the Smell off your wine glass

Step 2:Then comes to the flavor of the wine. Wine has many flavors inside it, some are induced flavors like the oak flavor from the aging, and some flavors are naturally occurring from the fermentation. To know the perfect flavors wine tasters often swirl the wine glass to make the aromas arise and reach the senses.

wine tasters

Lift the wine glass to reach your taste buds

Step 3:Finally, the tasting part, the real taste of the wine is observed here. Wine tasters often taste the wine of the wine glass very slowly while observing the different effects on the different taste buds of the tongue.

Critical wine tasters have a long tasting flight with 8 to 12 glasses of wine to taste and in some cases the number may range up to 50.Wine flights help to group the wines of similar notes under a common category.Wine Tasters sip the wine and allow it to stay on the tongue for a while and they spit it out. They make a note of the flavors observed and move to the next wine tasting only after rinsing the mouth with water.

So, what we have known from the above discussion is that the wine glass plays an important role in the wine tasting process. Let us know more about these glasses and how they are going to be used on different occasions.

What experts are saying about the different wine glasses?

There are some standard glasses for wine tasting. When we observe the different sizes and the names, we have the big burgundy size glasses without stem held on the palm to chutes which are well known for sparkling wine. Experts say that different wine glasses can deliver the aromas of the wine differently.

Burgundy balloon wine glass

How much wine should be poured in the glass?

The amount of wine that is poured into the wine glass must be limited to one-fourth of the glass. There must be more room for the wine to make the swirls and then only the flavors react with the air above the wine in the glass and the aromas reach the senses.

Suppose if the glass size is 10 ounces, you should always limit pouring the wine to 2 ounces at the most. The wine glass capacity should be more than the amount of wine that is poured into the glass.

What should be the shape of the glass?

A wine glass should be in a tulip shape, where the upper curvature is narrow. Often, when the wine glass is swirled for the aromas, wine should not get spilled out of the glass. This shape also prevents the escaping of the aromas while reaching the senses.

Swirl, swirl ,swirl and sniff. Make sur your wine glass has the narrow opening allowing you to fully enjoy the aromatics coming out of your wine glass.

What should be the size of the glass?

A wine glass should not be oversized, which makes it difficult to hold and taste. Also, many flavors get lost while reaching the top of the glass resulting in a bad experience.

Choose a wine glass that is curved and is not too big or not too small. It should be capable of holding 10,11 or 12 ounces of wine.

stemware wine glass

Experts say that Glasses with stems help them in the sensory evaluation by eyes and they are good for swirling also. But some are more comfortable without stem securing the glass with their palm and it is up to your choice.

Which wine goes with which glass?

Redwine is always served warm and the stemless glasses are often preferred as the warmth of the hands makes it taste good.

red wine glass

For sparkling wine or champagne, the wine glass used is flute. The flute allows the wine to look beautiful and creates more room for the bubbles to escape to the air.

sparkling wine glass

When it comes to white wine, we often prefer big to medium sized wine glasses.

white wine glass

What are the three tips for buying Wine glasses?

Tip 1

Wine glasses should be clear with no cut or design on them. Make sure that the glasses are clear and are not crystal made. Wine should be clearly visible .No logos or markings should be present on the glass.

Tip 2

Make sure you have a large set of glasses, of the same size. You may not want the same wine to be served in two different glasses to your guests. Even the color and intensity of the wine changes with the glass. So same wine in one glass may look differently in another glass giving an illusion of a different flavored wine. So choose your wine glasses in such a way that the uniformity is maintained.

Tip 3

Choose the glasses in such a way that they last for a long time. Glasses that are easy to maintain, can be easily washed and held. Glasses that can be used for many years to come and glasses that are elegant, strong but not delicate.

Where should I buy wine glasses online?

These are some recommendations of the wine glasses that are available online.

1.Big size Burgundy Balloon glasses of size 21 ounce

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2.Medium size all wine glasses, set of 8 of size 12 ounce.

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3.Stemless Wine glasses

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4.Wine glasses for sparkling wine

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5.Wine glasses storage

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