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Wine and healthy snacks: A blog about snack and wine pairings

Are you a host looking for wine and healthy snacks to serve your guests?

Are you worried about the high calorie intake coming from the snacks?

What are the different healthier options of wine and snacks pairings?

There are a variety of ways in which you can pair healthy snacks with wine, apart from cheese.

What goes with wine besides cheese?

wine and cheese

Wine, when consumed moderately, has many benefits to your health, These days everyone is conscious about putting on weight and counting calories, the first question popping into one’s mind is, does wine make you fat?

If you are reading this post, it means you are health conscious and are looking for the best pairings you can serve with wine without compromising your health.

In general alcoholic beverages, not only wine but also the other variants are known to make us fat. If you think that the calories in them are the main culprit, you are wrong. They only add a portion of the fat percentage, the major contributor is the dish we are taking along with the drink.

It is a universally known fact that healthy things do not taste good. we always crave deep-fried salty foods instead of healthy alternatives.

If we can make some better choices and cut out fats, we can still enjoy our wine and be healthy. Eating healthy gives us satisfaction and makes our heart content. Hope this post helps you all in meeting your health needs.

healthy snacks with wine

Healthy snacks with wine

The easiest and the healthiest snack option for serving wine with is the nuts. Nuts are loaded with nutrients and are the best to make yourself healthy.

Check the calories before you serve. Some nuts are loaded with salt and are high in sodium.Better to look for the baked options.

My personal favorites are roasted almonds and cashews.

wine and healthy snacks almonds
wine and healthy snacks nuts

Season them with pepper and you are good to go.

Not only they fill your stomach but they add to your nutrients.

So enjoy your sparkling wine with a bowl of freshly baked nuts.

Good snacks to eat with red wine

Red wine is known for its health benefits. A glass of red wine a day keeps a heart-healthy and makes your skin glow.

First, decide what you are going to serve, is it sweet or dry?

What snacks go well with Muscato wine?

In general, sweet red wines are served with desserts and are the best when served with chocolate.

While coming to the healthy alternative here, switch your chocolate with dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate has many benefits and it is good for the heart.

good snacks with red wine

So enjoy your port wine with dark chocolate and have a healthy conversation.

In the case of dry red wine, dry red wine generally constricts your throat. Alcohol in the dry wine reacts with your saliva and makes your throat dry.

Generally, the dishes that are served with dry red wine are rich in protein. This is all we know, so what comes to our mind, when we think of Protein, yes you are right, eggs and chicken.

Now what you can do is, instead of serving chicken wings and chicken that is deep-fried, make some healthy changes.

good snacks with red wine chicken

Take the chicken breast pieces, and shallow fry them with olive oil some salt and pepper, and the spices of your choice, cut them into small strips, and serve them with sauce.

The best sauce is the white sauce made with cheese and you can also use tomato ketchup

Good snacks to eat with white wine

White wine is always served with fingers and fries.

White wine acidic in nature and causes a tingling sensation on the tongue,

Why not serve this with fruits?

Generally, what happens to us, we often forget the amount of intake when we delve into conversations, and often it leads to migraine headaches and dehydration the following day.

What happens to your body when you drink wine?

Any alcoholic drink after consumption brings a lot of changes in our body, the most common complaint is the hangover that is faced the following day. The reason behind this is the dehydration because of frequent urination making the fluids flush often. Dehydration makes you thirsty and dizzy.

Often alcoholic drinks lead to migraine headaches, this is because the blood vessels in your head are expanded and ethanol is the main culprit.

So, don’t let you fun filled party night mood to turn into a heavy headed and dry mouth sensation the following day.

Let us make our servings in such a way that they not only prevent dehydration but also good for the stomach.

Serve a bowl of salad with cucumber watermelon and other juicy fruits and vegetables instead of a bowl of chips. The water content in them keeps you refresh and helps fight against dehydration

good snacks to eat with white wine

Mix a variety of fruits and vegetables and sprinkle some salt and pepper and serve.

You can also create a fruit kabab. Take a long stick.

Make sure that you add the variety of fruits that go together.

good snacks with white wine fruit kebab

This is the best healthy snack you can serve with wine.

Dehydration is generally is caused by potassium deficiency and the richest source of potassium is banana. You can also serve baked potato and sweet potato wedges which are healthy alternatives.

healthy snacks with white wine

Serve them with dips made with curd and mashed avocadoes. This is the best thing you can eat with wine.

Two basic rules while pairing food and wine

There are some principles to be considered while matching the food with the wine.

1.Always make sure that the food and the wine intensity match together enhancing and balancing each other.

2.Make sure that the flavor of the wine like acidity and sweetness is dominant than the flavor of the food.

Don’t go with all the advice and recommendations offered by the various food magazines and bloggers, who always say, serve white wine with fish and red wine with meat. Try all the combinations.

Don’t think more about the different snacks and wine pairings, keep it simple, add your personal touch, make the best use of the options that are available at the moment, and present them in a healthy way that makes you happy. Be it a bowl of popcorn, or simply a banana with peanut butter, serve it with a smile and enjoy your precious moments.

snacks and wine pairings

Etiquette tips

  • Keep your own charcuterie filled with all the healthy snacks for the party at the center of the table to be easily accessible by all the guests.
  • Keep the bottles ready, choose the best wine whether it is a table wine or a bottle of expensive wine, each bottle has a long wine journey in its way, make sure you serve the bottle at the right temperature. Chill the sparkling wine and white wine and serve the red wine warm.
  • Always choose snacks in such a way that even if you skip the main course dinner, they fill your stomach and leave you to stay hydrated.

If you want to know more about the glasses and other wine accessories read our post regarding, knowing your wine glass.

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